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Before the Kids Move Out…4 Essential Documents to Protect Your Kids and Family

December 08, 2022

It’s not something you think about often, but emergency situations happen.

Children over the age of 18 are considered adults in the eyes of the law. If they are in an accident and/or pass away, parents have no legal rights. Hospitals can’t legally share the child’s personal health information and police can’t share details, either.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen this happen in our area. That’s why we are dedicated to helping your family be prepared for the worst-case scenarios…if they do happen.

Your child should have a voice. You should have a voice. And having these documents prepared will give everyone their voice. 

Here are the 4 essential documents you need to protect your kids and family:

  1. Financial Power of Attorney. This document gives you the legal right to make financial decisions for your adult child, in the event that he or she is incapacitated due to health problems.

  2. Healthcare Power of Attorney. In the event that your child is incapable of making decisions related to his or her health, you will be the legal agent allowed to make those decisions.

  3. Living Will. Your child can have a living will, also called an Advance Directive, drawn up at the age of 18. This document outlines desires for end of life decisions, such as how to employ life support, donation of organs, authorization for an autopsy, and what to do with remains.

  4. HIPAA Release. This document lets your adult child give authorization to one or more individuals to be able to receive medical records protected by HIPAA.

Put the power of choice in your and your adult child’s hands. We can help you build the In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.) Pack that your family needs to have peace of mind that your adult child’s voice will be heard, even in the worst of scenarios. 

Talk to Wylkan Law about putting together an I.C.E Pack for all of your children over the age of 18. Contact our office or learn more today!

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