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4 Can’t-Miss Estate Planning Workshops

April 10, 2023

If you’re looking for a local estate planning lawyer you can trust, Phillip T. Wylkan is the expert you need. We’ve been practicing law in the Fremont and Maumee areas since 2011, and we specialize in estate planning and certified elder law. We know how confusing the law can be and we want our neighbors to be prepared for the future. That’s why we created these free workshops—so you and your loved ones will be confident that your legal affairs are in order, no matter what comes.

Learn How to Protect Your "Stuff" in 3 Easy Steps

The high cost of long-term care, in addition to other threats, can jeopardize your hard-earned assets. In this workshop, we’ll show why you need an estate plan, how to avoid the cost and frustration of probate, how to avoid or lessen estate taxes, and much more!

Learn the Estate Planning Essentials

It’s not just the super-wealthy that need to plan their estate. Everyone has the opportunity to protect their assets and control what happens after one passes away or becomes disabled. In this workshop, you’ll learn the essential legal documents that you need to have, whether or not you need a trust, what the probate process is like and in what cases you should avoid it, and how to protect your assets against long-term care, taxes, divorce, and other costs.

Learn How to Avoid the 7 Threats to Your Estate Plan

There are looming threats to your estate plan, but armed with the right knowledge, you can disarm these risks and gain control over your future. This workshop will walk you through various challenges, such as losing access to your assets, not knowing estate plan laws, what happens when you don’t prepare for failing health toward the end of life, failing to make a plan in critical areas, working with unqualified professionals, and the costs of not planning.

Learn the Importance of an I.C.E. Pack

When your child turns 18, certain laws kick in and rights become activated, making it difficult for parents to acquire information about their child in the event of an accident or other emergency. Our I.C.E. Pack workshop walks parents and their near-adult or adult children through what happens with parental rights when the child turns 18, how to prepare for emergencies or times of crisis, and the four legal documents every adult child should have.

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