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Has Your Estate Plan Changed in the Last 20 Years?

September 24, 2020

While you’re living the adventure of the day-to-day, it can be easy to lose track of how quickly things change. As life goes on, your estate plan may still be stuck twenty years in the past. It is well worth evaluating and updating your plan so it serves you and your family’s current needs.

As you review milestones from the last couple of decades of your life, ask yourself the following questions to determine where you might need to make revisions to your plan:

  • Have any new children been born or new dependants, such as grandchildren, added to your household?
  • Have any children become adults, removing the need for guardians in the case of your passing? 
  • Have any of your children taken on more assets or responsibilities? 
  • Have you added new assets, such as a boat, RV, vacation home, or additional income?
  • Have you sold any assets, such as those described above?
  • Have any people on the original estate plan passed?
  • Have there been any accidents causing the need to factor in disabilities?

 You first put together your estate plan for peace of mind, but your needs have changed over the years, and you may be holding onto a false sense of security. It’s worth the time to review and update your plan for a renewed peace of mind. 

As comprehensive estate planners, we are committed to helping families preserve their legacy by protecting their wealth for future generations, minimizing estate taxes, and avoiding the chaos of probate. In a free consultation, we’ll guide you through updating your estate plan today, ensuring that your descendants will be cared for tomorrow and your dreams are preserved.

Want to learn more about estate plans? Participate in one of our free webinars.

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